CW - Option Accurate

Investment in stock and commodity market are subject to market risk.

CW - Option Accurate

    • In Cw Option Accurate we provide both Stock and Index Option intraday tips for intraday day traders with proper Target & Stop loss in Derivative Market. We provide you call on the in-depth analysis using technical analysis by using SMS system
    • This service is for High Risk Investor or Trader.
    • We will provide you 2-3 Recommendation on Daily basis. (From Index and Stocks Option)
    • All recommendation will have 1 TGT with proper Stop loss.
    • Per trade Risk: Reward Ratio of around 1:1.
    • All recommendation will be updated timely through SMS System
    • Nifty Reviews and Support & resistance Levels.
    • Carefully analysis market direction.


Monthly 30000/- Get Bank Detail
2 Monthly 50000/- Get Bank Detail
Quarterly 73000/- Get Bank Detail

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